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About the Project

Modern farming has many challenges. Farmers today face climate change, ever-changing consumer expectations, rising demands, and more. The agricultural (ag) industry is under immense pressure to increase sustainability and efficiency, while also striving to maintain profitability. Leveraging current technologies, the ag industry now has a wide suite of highly sophisticated tools available to aid them. In recent years, use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have brought crop intelligence and irrigation inspection to new levels. Drones can easily capture high-resolution imagery of entire crop fields day after day for analysis and statistical data.

Our customer is a leader in ag imagery analytics and has developed a platform that automates the extraction of data from aerial imagery and analyzes this data in real time across the growing season. Farmers can supplement or replace in-person visits and still control quality and identify issues. Their machine learning algorithm produces actionable insights so that growers can make smarter decisions and produce larger yields with smaller inputs.


Our customer needed a portable solution that satisfied these requirements:

  • Large dual displays – for hi-res UAV and satellite imagery, statistics, maps, charts and graphs
  • Large storage drive capacity for extreme data dumps
  • High clock speeds to effectively support their software application


After assessing these requirements with our customer, Acme Portable recommended the MegaPAC L2. The MegaPAC L2 has two dual 23" hi-def sunlight readable displays. In addition, this beast of a unit can hold up to 150tb of storage, which is especially essential for the large amounts of aerial imagery being captured.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the reliance on manual labor and subjectivity
  • Leading imagery detect variability that the human eye cannot
  • Real-time analysis throughout the growing season
  • Leverage big data and compound learnings from every trip to the field
  • Create actionable insights to drive productivity and increase yield
  • Increase yield with smaller inputs and accurately determine budgets


The customer ultimately purchased a custom version of our MegaPAC L2. For more information, please click the link below:

* Due to NDA and confidentiality issues, we cannot mention company names or the specific projects.

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  • Automated Land Surveillance
  • Fire and Emergency Response
  • Land use and terrain change analysis
  • Endangered animal monitoring and surveillance
  • UAV and Threat Detection

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