Transit Cases

Many Acme portable computers come with the standard transit case. In addition to this, there are several optional upgrades for different applications.

Standard Transit Case

Standard Transit Case

Most of our products come with the standard transit case. This case allows you to move your product to your destination with ease. It comes with a retractable handle and four multi-direction wheels to allow for easy transporation.

Carryon Case (Optional Upgrade)

Carryon Case

For our more compact products like the LitePAC, DuraPAC, and NetPAC, you can upgrade to a carryon case. This product is a special, splashproof rolling case that fits in the overhead storage bins. As a result, rather than paying large fees to transport your products, you can simply carry it on with you and store it in the overhead bins.

In addition to being splashproof, this case comes with 2 wheels and a retractable handle.

Hard Transit Case (Optional Upgrade)

Hard Transit Case

The hard transit cases are Mil-STD cases that are designed to meet the most demanding military specifications. These are airtight, waterproof, and dustproof. They also come with pressure relief/breather valves. The foam inside the case is laser-cut to the exact dimensions of your product to provide an added protective layer of padding.

If you need a fully rugged case for harsh environments, then the hard transit case is the choice for you.

ZARGES K470 (Optional Upgrade)

Zarges K470

The ZARGES K470 aluminum shipping and storage case provides perfect protection, even under the most extreme conditions. The K470 is ATA 300 approved, lightweight, rugged, and dust and water resistant.

The interior foam is also all custom cut, and if you have any special accessories to put into the transit cases, custom pockets can be specifically cut for them.


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