Next-Generation Portable Computer for Network Analysis

Network Analysis Computers

The online and mobile market is constantly changing. Engineers, solution providers, and analysts research and develop nonstop and compete against one another to provide better services to customers and present new technologies to their market. Because these efforts have increased complexity and workspace, professionals are in of need an efficient, quick-to-use, and complete portable solution.

"As the networking and mobile market grows, we continue to listen our customers, work with our partners, and develop a product line that meets their needs," says James Cheng, CEO of ACME Portable. "If you need a lightweight solution with high-end hardware, if you have limited workspace and work in multiple locations, or if you need a compact tool for on-site analysis, ACME Portable has the solution for you."

ACME Portable has developed two leading products for networking applications - the MiniPAC, the entry-level version, and the NetPAC, the enterprise version.

These portable systems are managed by a high-performance RAID controller for the fastest read/write speeds and can support the latest networking capturing cards. The NetPAC and MiniPAC are high-performance hardware tools that combine the latest technologies to offer high-speed data capture with real-time analytics and visualization.

They can be used for many applications, including but not limited to:

  • Network analysis
  • Write to Disk
  • Lossless packet Capture
  • Network Traffic Simulation or replay
  • Various traffic forensic analysis applications
  • Compact LTE / 4G / 3G tool
  • Protocol Analyser
  • Network stress testing.

Product specifications Highlights:

  • Up to 64TB of SSD/SAS/SATA drives with RAID support for NetPAC and up to 16TB for MiniPAC
  • Newest and maximum memory capabilities
  • Network traffic capturing for 1G,10G,20G,40G & 100G
  • Up to 4 PCIe full-length expansion cards regardless power or heat consumption
  • Suports all card interfaces
  • Latest processing power with i7/Xeon CPUs
  • Easy transport with an optional carry-on case
  • Optional OEM customization

OEM customers can modify the products with customer-specific features, custom color and design, private label branding, and any operating system or application. Our goal is to help you create your own innovative product as a specific solution to your market.

We would like to open up new possibilities for you and your customers and improve your Return of Investment. To learn more about our product, you can contact us using one of the options below:


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