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About the Project

Did anyone not watch Super Bowl LVI this past weekend? The Rams poetically secured their first Super Bowl title as a LA team at SoFi Stadium. There were plenty of crypto and electric truck ads, and all of Gen Z wondered why their parents were so hyped for the halftime show. While there were many important and famous attendees, one familiar face was missing. The late great John Madden, who has been an important part of the NFL for a good 50 years, received a touching tribute prior to kick off. The legendary coach and broadcast icon changed football on television and pioneered all kinds of innovations when it came to televising the game.

Did you know that John Madden was the first American sports broadcaster to use the telestrator? During the 1982 Super Bowl between San Francisco and Cincinnati, Madden used the telestrator, a device that allows its user to freehand sketch on top of a moving video, to give detailed commentary on the game. Since then, Madden not only has used the device to provide insightful analysis but also gave witty humor as well. The telestrator has come a long way since 1982 and is now widely used in the broadcasting of all major sports and e-sports.


Our customer is a software based telestrator company that provides rental units to users. Their solution is used by all major sports networks - CBS sports, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports and more. Their previous solution was a tower with a monitor bolted on, so it was constantly breaking due to the DIY nature of the build quality. What they need is a system that is stable and reliable.

  • 1000 nit display
  • Multi-touch screen
  • PCIe lanes for GPU and capture card
  • Custom tilt stand
  • Custom logo and color


Custom DuraPAC for Telestration

Ultimately, the customer went with a highly modified DuraPAC. It is the most compact system that easily meets the recommended system requirements for their telestrator software. This portable system is easy to bring on-site to all types of sporting events, and reliable to use for live broadcast. Adding custom logos made branding and the overall look of the system seamless with other equipment on-site.

Key Benefits:

  • Add real-time analysis, enhance coverage and commentary with the ability to draw, diagram, and apply graphics to video sources or still images. Typical users of telestration devices include schools, weather forecasters, military, and sports broadcasting.
  • Real-time telestration for live sport and e-sport analysts to access imported clips and backgrounds from the event, which they can control and manipulate through its user interface to show targeted playback.
  • Latest systems now support 4K NDI streaming and live social media interface.


The customer ultimately purchased a custom version of our DuraPAC. For more information, please click the link below:

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