Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)
for Gas Leak Detection and Identification

About the Project

Optical gas imaging (OGI) is the method of using highly specialized infrared or thermal imaging cameras to detect fugitive emissions and small gas leaks in the oil and gas, steel, utility, and chemical industries. When these specialized cameras are directed at the scene, OGI cameras can detect a wide range of infrared gases—spotting methane, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), hydrocarbon, and hundreds of other industrial gases quickly, accurately, and safely—without shutting down systems. Gas leaks that are invisible to the naked eye look like smoke on infrared optical gas imaging cameras, making them easy to see even from a distance.

Due to its many advantages, OGI has allowed many industries to shift away from legacy sniffer-based programs. Traditional sniffer tools take a great deal of time and effort and may also put the inspector at a close range and unsafe distance. Gas leak detection cameras enable the user to uncover and visualize fugitive emission leaks from a safe distance and to cover a broad area quickly and efficiently. As many gases are toxic and/or flammable, like natural gas (CH4), efficient gas detection from a remote location is crucial to keep all parties safe.


Our customer is a manufacturer of high-performance imaging solutions. They design and manufacture infrared cameras for all kinds of highly specialized applications including Gas Detection and Identification, Mineral Detection and Identification, Nondestructive Testing and more.

For this specific project, they were looking for a portable computing system to pair with their advanced infrared camera. The solution was to be used to:

  • Accurately check tanks for gas leaks and fugitive emissions
  • Scan broad and diverse areas quickly from a safe distance
  • Process, compress, store and analyze large amounts of high-resolution imagery on site and in real-time


The DuraPAC was chosen to be paired with their advanced OGI Infrared cameras to create a complete methane airborne detection solution. The DuraPAC is an ideal on-site solution for their Aerial and UAV Infrared cameras applications. It is a rugged portable all-in-one system that is easily adaptable to the diverse landscapes of the Oil and Gas Industry. With the DuraPAC’s powerful processing capabilities, collected infrared and imagery data is then stored and analyzed in real time and on-site by gas detection specialist to determine if there are any leaks or fugitive gases.

Key Benefits:

  • Cover and inspect efficiently large areas of pipeline for gas leaks or inconsistencies
  • Prevent and fix gas leaks that may incur lost product, lost revenue, and hefty fines
  • Reduce environmental impact by detecting fugitive greenhouse gases
  • Increase personnel safety by conducting tests from a safe distance

Cage Code: 4AA27

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